Mad River Valley Rotary Grants Program

The fundraising activities of Mad River Valley Rotary Club allow us to support community-based projects with broad local appeal, generally in the areas of healthcare, the arts and sciences, education, and recreation. We also participate in funding Rotary International projects such as Polio Plus, and make a small number of grants for local projects which are international in scope.

One method of involvement is to provide grants to organizations in support of projects that are of particular benefit to Central and Northern Vermont residents. This policy will describe our grant management process.

Under separate programs, we provide grant funds in the form of scholarships for further education to Mad River Valley high school students; we also sponsor outgoing and incoming Rotary Exchange students at the high school level.  For additional information see out Policies for these additional programs.

Application Timing

We prefer to receive grant applications at least 90 days prior to the need for funds.

Application Process

We encourage organizations to apply for grants for projects which will enhance our community.

  1. Funds for capital items required to initiate or continue a program.
  2. Funds for the construction or renovations of a premise for community use.
  3. Funds to support operating budgets or a particular aspect of an existing program.
  1. Projects spanning more than two years.
  2. A project which encumbers the club with liabilities or additional funding.
  3. Projects that fund an individual person other than scholarships.
  4. Projects which will profit an individual or company.
  5. Projects supporting political or religious groups.

Review Standard

In all cases, the Board will review grant applications with respect to how well they contribute to the greater good of the community and the number of people who will benefit.

Resource for Questions

Any questions regarding the MRV Rotary Granting Policy or Grant Application should be addressed to the MRV Community Chair Roger J. Porter, MD (

Funding Request Application
Use our online
Funding Request Application to apply for a grant.