Thank you from grant recipients.

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Laura Arnesen
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to karenrae, Gordon, Linda, Ed, me, Eve
Dear Rotary Friends -
Hi there! We are so grateful for the support of the Mad River Valley Rotary. Yesterday we received the $2,000 check for the MRV Dog Park. Many thanks for your generosity in so many ways: financial support, help with building the dog park, advocacy for this project over the past decade and allowing us to speak at your February meeting. This has become such an important community project and Rotary is at the heart of it. 
Attached is your official thank you letter. Happy Spring, we look forward to working with you at Brooks Field!
All the best,
Eve Silverman and Laura Arnesen
Good Morning Roger:
Thank you so much for awarding this grant!  This will greatly help the Couples Club on its goal to raise the funds necessary to erect that new backstop.
In recognition of this award, the MRV Rotary Club will be included on our "support plaque" to be placed adjacent to the new backstop and we will hang the Rotary banner on the outfield fence of the main baseball field this year without asking for the customary annual contribution of $250. And when we get our main sign back up this spring, we will once again affix the Rotary plaque on it.
The MRV Rotary Club has helped Couples Club frequently over the years and that support is greatly appreciated.
Dear Roger and the BOD,
Thank you so much for this incredibly generous support. Harwood's Rotary Interact is truly fortunate to have your financial assistance as well as the active participation of Rosemarie in our club meetings and events. 
I have forwarded this message to Arianna Clark, our current president. I know she will be excited to share this with our membership at our meeting on Tuesday. 
Best Regards,