The MRV Rotary Board and membership is proud to have recently approved 3 grant applications.
The first was from the Mad River Valley Housing Coalition for $3,000 to support the Mad River Meadows Playground project. This project fits MRV Rotary mission to support children. In addition there is potential for Rotary members to engage in hands-on work in the construction of the playground. 
The second grant approval was for $500.00 for support of the grassroots organization, Kilimanjaro Sustainable Energy Society (KiSES), in Tanzania.  Rotary member, Bruce Shulman, submitted this application and we are pleased that his membership in the Mad River Valley Rotary Club has motivated him to create and implement this organization in Africa.  These funds will sponsor the remaining costs for an Anaerobic Digester being provided through KiSES to MPinga School in Bahi Tanzania.
The third grant approval was for $2,000 to support Global Health Media Project. The funds will help to improve the quality of their website which will allow for greater worldwide reach. The mission of Global Health Media Project is to improve health care and health outcomes in resource-poor areas by developing videos that “bring to life” basic health care information known to save lives.