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Rotary Foundation
Public Relations
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Corporate Sponsors

Gordon Hoare

Exchange Students

Irwin Korman

Membership Committee

Karl Klein

Public Relations

Jim Reagan

Speakers Committee

Susan Snider, Karen Winchell, Adam Greshin

The responsibility of this committee is to solicit and schedule speakers for the weekly club meetings. Our objective is to vary the topics to be interesting and educational.

Rotary Foundation

Gary Plewak

The mission of this committee is educate the club members about the activities of the Rotary Foundation and to stimulate financial support for it through the following: World Fund is supported by the Every Rotarian Every Year program and the Permanent Fund is supported by the Benefactor program. Our club currently has 6 Benefactors (members who have donated or willed at least $1000 to the Foundation), 1 Bequest Society member (who donated $10000 to the Foundation) and 33 Every Rotarian Every Year members ( who have donated a yearly amount of $100 which, when it totals $500, will be matched by the club to make the member a Paul Harris Fellow). 23 of our members are Paul Harris Fellows with several EREY members getting close. In its 39 year history, the club has donated an aggregate of $84,000 to the Rotary Foundation.

Song Leader

Karl Klein, Doug Stoehr

Web Master

Joey Daniell