Thanks to all who adopted duck contestants in the MRV Rotary Duck Race! After months of training, each gave it their best, but only six took home prize money. See the full story for winners' names and a video of the event.
We're grateful for the outpouring of support for Rotary's work in the Valley and beyond. The race engaged 461 supporters, many from "away," and helped us net $16,000 to support local charities and hands-on projects.
The water was higher than usual for this year's event, and there was quite a bit of excitement as ducks who had no chance of winning did their best to escape downstream! They were all corralled and safely returned to their home buckets.
Winners were:
1st place: Dave Koepele ($1,000)
2nd place: John Mercer ($250)
3rd place: Jennifer Hamlet ($150)
4th Place: AnnMarie Harmon ($100)
5th Place: Andrew Colgan ($50)
6th Place: Joyce Crabtree (Roll of Duck Tape)
Here's a video of the event. Enjoy!!